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We just love pretzels!

Opened in early 2021, two people with a hunger for flavor set out. The result was a pretzel stand with a blend of cultures. Combining the full on flavor of a Bavarian pretzel with the softer exterior of an American pretzel, Twist N' Roll was created. But it could not just stop there! With such a versatile and delicious product, new flavors were needed. Nay, demanded! Our mission is to let every item reflect and bask in the glory of pretzel flavor. That is where our rolls come in. Inspired by an Aussie classic, the sausage roll, we fill our pretzels rolls with both decadent and simple ingredients. We are on a mission to find and upgrade our flavors and ingredients all the time! Another goal is to increase our sustainability. Removing plastics and other non eco friendly items is a priority. We hope to see you on our journey as we grow and adapt to the ever changing world and all the taste is has to offer.

White Grass


What's life without a twist?

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